Elma Burnham

Elma provides marketing consulting for small businesses participating in the food system.

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Why though?

Elma fiercely believes that food is an important and valuable tool for community engagement. Her work supports small companies looking to share their positive involvement in their food system and feed their customers a nourishing, quality product. Most at home on the ocean, Elma is particularly passionate about seafood due to its domestic underuse, sustainability, and nutrition. Her commitment to justice and love for her people strongly influence her work. 


Current Clients

Following a summer fishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska, Elma is hard at work in Bellingham, Washington working to celebrate Bellingham's maritime culture through the arts with Bellingham SeaFeast and remotely for Wild for Salmon, a Pennsylvanian direct marketing operation of Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon. 


Wild for Salmon

Elma spent 8 of the last 9 summers fishing for salmon in Bristol Bay. Today, her focus as a salmon ambassador is making the world's last, great salmon run available to customers along the eastern seaboard by supporting Wild for Salmon in their mission to provide "premium wild seafood...from our boat, to your table since 2004." Within the company, Elma consults on all things salmon & Alaskan, writes and updates the website’s blogs, and offers counsel on how best to satisfy and grow current markets. 



Past Clients

Avenue Bread & Avenue Craft

Elma previously ran the oven at Avenue Bread; her work there evolved into managing the company's social media channels, developing and overseeing specific marketing campaigns, and representing the company throughout Whatcom County. 


Other Projects


Strength of the Tides

Elma founded a community organization last year that works to support and empower women working in maritime industries. Follow along with that endeavor on instagram or learn more on the website.

Maritime Writing 

Elma co-organized the Fisher-Poets-on-Bellingham-Bay event in the fall of 2017 and is an amateur Fisherpoet herself. You may have seen her fishing and fisheries related writings in National Fisherman magazine as well as Medium. In early 2018, she joined the SeaFeast team, helping to coordinate this year's festival. 

The Wild Film

"How do you save what you love?" Elma supported filmmaker Mark Titus with the launch of his endeavor to answer this question with his forthcoming documentary, The Wild, a sequel to The Breach and an update on Bristol Bay, Alaska's fight against the proposed Pebble Mine. 


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Elma graduated from Middlebury College in 2013 with a degree in French and minors in Elementary Education and African-American Studies. Born and raised on Long Island Sound, she has the unwavering work-ethic of a Yankee but the spirit of a northwesterner, perhaps even an Alaskan. She is always seeking out conviviality, most often in the form of a shared meal, as a defense against the adversity and uncertainty of everyday life. Her interest in food as a vehicle to affect change and create joyous community led her to this work in the fall of 2017 from her home in Bellingham, Washington.